Utah Fly Fishing Hall of Fame

Created in 2016, the Utah Fly Fishing Hall of Fame was built to honor men and women who have made major contributions to fly fishing in Utah.

Their contributions have taken many forms from conservation projects, political activism to protect angling resources, environmental projects, formation of organizations such as Trout Unlimited (TU) and Fly Fishers International Chapters to promote fly fishing, enhancing the fishing experience in Utah, promotion of youth fishing education programs, and many other activities.

The candidates were nominated by their respective organizations — TU chapter, Bonneville Fly Fishers, or Great Western Fly Fishers.  Their selection was made by fly fishers throughout the state.


Hall of Fame Inductees: Click on Photo for Full Bio

Paul Thompson 2022 Inductee Paul has been fly fishing for more than 25 years, and some might say that fly fishing has become more than a passion for him. The passion began in the early 1990s as a graduate student working on Colorado River cutthroat trout. While studying cutthroat trout, he grew to admire and love this group of trout and he has made it a point to travel the West and angle every subspecies of cutthroat trout.
Paul Holden 2022 Inductee Current president of Cache Anglers — a local chapter of Trout Unlimited (TU). He has diligently worked to improve the Cache Anglers chapter of TU. He brings vitality to the organization with his drive and enthusiasm. Paul also served as the TU National Leadership Council (NLC) representative from Utah from 2012-2016
Roger Wilson 2022 Inductee I have been interested in sport fishing since my earliest recollections. I look back on my childhood fishing experiences as some of the most enjoyable moments of my life. I knew by the 8th Grade that I wanted to turn my interests in fishing and conservation into a career working for a state or federal agency.
Brett Prettyman 2022 Inductee Brett learned to love fishing while accompanying his dad around Wasatch Front creeks and lakes in the Uinta Mountains. It wasn’t until late in high school that he picked up a fly rod and quickly decided it was his favorite way to fish. A close group of friends helped Brett hone his fly-fishing skills in his early days.
Donald Duff 2019 Inductee As a fisheries biologist since 1966, Don has pioneered fisheries management and conservation in the west and overseas. He organized the Trout Unlimited Council in Utah, and he leads TU’s Great Basin chapter to this day. Significantly, Don re-discovered two trout species thought to be extinct: Bonneville cutthroat trout and lahontan cutthroat trout.
Mickey Anderson 2019 Inductee Mickey has worked in fly shops since 1980, has tied flies commercially, has taught many anglers to fly fish, and was the first FFF-certified casting instructor in Utah. Mickey co-owns Fish Tech Outfitters, and he also designs fly-fishing gear for numerous companies. Mickey appears regularly on outdoor shows and presents frequently at fly-fishing clubs.
Paul Dremann 2019 Inductee The consummate volunteer, Paul has been a founder and/or leader of significant angling organizations, including Utah Anglers Coalition, Trout Unlimited, Blue Ribbon Fisheries Advisory Committee, and many others. His conservation-focused leadership has contributed significantly to fly fishing opportunities in Utah.
Marty Howard 2018 Inductee Marty has been teaching fly fishing and fly tying for over 30 years and was the founder of Spinner Fall Fly Shop and Guide Service. Marty is a master fly tyer, photographer, author, bamboo rod builder and co-producer of instructional videos. Marty enjoys every aspect of fly fishing.
Wes Johnson 2018 Inductee Wes is a dedicated fly fisher. He has written many articles on fly fishing for the Ogden Standard-Examiner. Founded the Weber Basin Anglers of Trout Unlimited in 1992. Served as Utah TU Council Chair for six years. Served on TU National Board of Trustees for two years. Acquired access on Weber River for anglers. Establish the DWR Blue Ribbon Fishery Advisory Council. Laid groundwork for the Walk-In-Access Program. Founded the Utah Anglers Coalition
John Schultz 2018 Inductee Growing up in the mouth of Millcreek Canyon, in the Salt Lake valley, John would fish Millcreek three to four days a week, unless his fishing buddy and he could talk one of their parents into driving them to another place to fish. From a very early age, John became fascinated with fly fishing. His dad did not fly fish, but he did have a fly rod, so John began practicing in his back yard at about 10 years of age...
Bob Trowbridge 2018 Inductee Bob spearheaded the formation of Cache Anglers and served as the first President of the new chapter of TU. Bob worked Timlessly for FFF workshops, conventions and programs. Wasatch Expo Established and award in Bob's name.
Dennis Breer 2018 Inductee Dennis served several terms as president of a local association of Green River Guides and Outfitters. Dennis Was a great steward and promoter of the Green River.
Steve Schmidt 2017 Inductee Steve is a fly fishing book author, and proponent of fishing access and resource protection. Steve is also the owner of Western Rivers Flyfisher. He enjoys fishing good water, cycling, writing and trying to take a decent photo here and then.
Gean Snow 2016 Inductee A native son of Utah, Gean was haunting the streams and rivers of the greater Wasatch area by the age of 10. Gean founded iconic Anglers Inn, and produced his own line of fly rods. Gean was a conservationist and founder of the Stonefly Society, which established and award in Gean's name.
Tom Doxey 2016 Inductee Tom grew up fishing the local waters in northern Utah, the Uintas, and other places around the West. Tom loves to share his passion for fly tying at fly tying expos.
Byron Gunderson 2017 Inductee Byron was a founder of the Utah Stream Access Coalition and is still on the board fighting hard to keep our streams open to the public. Byron is a co founder & co owner of Fish Tech Outfitters.
Emmett Heath 2016 Inductee The “Dean of the Green” was one of the first registered fly fishing guides on the Green in 1986 working for Western Rivers Flyfisher out of Salt Lake City.
Robert Dibblee 2016 Inductee Bob served five terms as Utah Trout Unlimited Council Chair and two teams as chair of High Country Fly Fishers. Bob started the trout in the classroom program in Utah. Bob has served on the Blue Ribbon Council and impacted many conservation efforts.
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