The Utah Council of Trout Unlimited


The purpose of the Council shall be to increase the effectiveness of Trout Unlimited in the State of Utah and to
foster sound trout management in the State and region by the following means:
o Fostering the concept of wild trout fishing as a sport and a heritage to be protected for future
o Promoting trout and salmon waters as a resource and especially with the preservation and
enhancement of the quality and quantity of such water;
o Promoting the concept of quality trout fishing and encouraging the adoption of fishing
regulations that will provide for such fishing.
o Serving as a line of communication with government agencies and speaking as a unified voice
for Trout Unlimited on State and regional fisheries management matters;
o The adequate inventory of trout and salmon waters as a resource and its classification in a
manner conducive to the development of effective biological and sociological management
o Establishing liaison among member chapters;
o Coordinating projects and programs of member chapters;
o Interpreting and providing guidance to chapters in carrying out the policies and objectives of
Trout Unlimited;
o Building state and regional Trout Unlimited membership;
o Providing another vehicle for communication between chapters and the national organization via
members elected from the Council to the National and Regional Boards of Trout Unlimited from
members residing within the State;
o Raising funds by solicitation and conducting fundraising activities provided, however, that all
funds so raised shall be used exclusively for the purpose of the Council;
o Provide review and give comments to chapter fisheries management programs or projects in the
Council area.

Over the years, the Utah Council has addressed many issues facing our cold-water fisheries. These include:
Whirling Disease, Aquaculture, establishing a balanced Fish Health Policy Board, In-Stream Flows, Oil and Gas Exploration, Roadless Areas, Grazing, Protecting Access to Public Lands, Stream Restoration, FERC
Relicensing, Native Fish Recovery


Trout Unlimited is a national conservation group founded in 1959 dedicated to Protecting, Reconnecting,
Restoring, and Sustaining our coldwater resources to benefit the anglers who value healthy streams and
excellent angling opportunities. TU is supported by member donations, with 90% of the funds raised by TU
going directly into conservation programs.

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